Word for Word | Concept to Content

In the beginning was the word:

Videos and movies may be the "darling" we now prefer - and indeed, we produce these darlings - but guess what - someone still has to write a script for it. No matter what it looks like out there, words are still the quickest way to express ideas and disseminate knowledge. Sure, you could do a cool montage of just images that evoke emotional - visceral even (!) responses - but how long will it take for your potential audience to get your message? Why not just tell them. This is what I do, this is how I do it, and this is how it will benefit you.

The sample websites show and tell the full story of each client. A tag line on a business card cuts to the chase - BAM - a short and sweet explanation. Prince tried using a symbol to represent himself, but nobody could pronounce it, verbalize it. Don't be Prince. Let us write some words for you. Or give us words you've written.