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M-theory was created to provide the entertainment industry with graphic contexts for the written word. Sometimes you just need to express yourself in multiple ways. Like when you need a One Sheet to leave behind after your electrifying pitch.

We also create video productions - because it's good to have a teaser to accompany a script. But only if you want to - if you have a "visual" on your project. If you don't get jazzed by the graphic possibilities of your project, then we're not the team for you. Did we mention we're writers too, so your material is safe. Golden Rule.

"M can stand for magic, mystery
or matrix . . . whichever you prefer."
Ed Witten

Poster Style: Option 1

Side One:

as close as you want it to be to
an actual movie poster.

Side Two:

the text.

Cost Effective:

if you're lucky enough to have a great image you created - then all that's needed is a JPEG. If not, buy an image that comes closest to expressing the story you have written. You might use a graphic symbol - a lotus, a Celtic Knot, the Mars Rovers - whatever - find a visual. We'll do the rest.

Poster Style: Option 1 (cont.)

Less Cost Effective:

we search for an image based on your input. This involves time spent not designing, but finding several options from which to start designing. Happy to do it, but time is billed at $70 an hour to create. With a good image that doesn't need fixing and tightly written text that wows (editing available) you could have a One Sheet in two hours. Up to you.


creating something like this from scratch is very time consuming. Especially if you make us read the script to find the symbolic representation. Happy to do it, but unless you won the lotto...


printing costs will vary, but we have cheap solutions and good printers to recommend. You can even print from home if you have a laser printer and cutting capability, if you opt for the postcard.

Postcard Style: Option 2

Side One:

image + text.

Side Two:

main text.

Cost Effective / Less Cost Effective:

same rules apply.

This format is based on a 9.25" X 6.25" large size postcard - any smaller and there's not enough room to really let loose. Still, it is less space than a full sheet and takes some really clever word smithing to get the point across - but the rewards are great when your reader doesn't have as much material to plow through. Short and Sweet.


We may be limited to one sheet of paper - but the possibilities are endless!

Promote your image in the physical world:

It may seem like a quaint idea - print postcards and brochures - but we are physical creatures and sometimes we just like to have something to hold. Something to pin up on a bulletin board. Something to stare at and get inspired. Fashion and architecture are particularly tactile, but even disciplines that are highly abstract - like rocket science, occasionally need something tangible. Screen writers may need a cool One Sheet as a leave behind after a riveting pitch. The good news - everything exists in electronic form, clients always have the option not to materialize!

As with all other development, our clients participate in the creative process. Creating YOUR marketing tools is not like dropping off the dry cleaning and coming back to pick it up. You have to be present and enthusiastic. If you decide to work with us, be prepared to roll up your sleeves. It's fun. You'll like it.